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Tin Pan Alley Productions is one man’s answer to the ongoing challenges all people trying to raise funds for non profits face each time they’re asked to produce a special event to benefit an organization they support.  I was given the unique opportunity to be a Coro Community Fellow in 2003 and chose to focus my individual project on building a shared resource to expedite the redundant work so often facing volunteers, board members and development staff each time they start to create a special event. There are a variety of business to business enterprise solutions that have proven useful and beneficial to non profits and coupled with the technology of Craig’s List I thought it might be feasible and relatively simple to create an online data portal providing free calendaring to several stakeholder groups often part of the composition of special events like venues, performers and the providers of goods and services needed for all special events.  This would be a free portal to members, but those seeking to market to this membership would pay a small fee for access and that would make the portal self supporting and a grant making enterprise to better serve its members and the greater community.  Members would post their events on the portal calendar and solicit a venue, performers and goods and services to produce the event through the portal.  This would be marketed to the world on the portal with template based press releases and strategic messaging provided to each stakeholders own audience and contact list.  There are 2,000 special events each year in San Francisco that raise more than $25,000.00 that need a venue, talent of some sort as well as goods and services to make it happen and currently there is no effective way to know when competing events are scheduled, when venues and talent are available or what dates might offer the least competition to the individual event planner. 

Tin Pan Alley Productions addresses this problem by providing the portal, free membership to non profits, talent and venues and selected providers of goods and services that are necessary for each event as well as marketing the events themselves and helping provide pre and post event services at low cost for marketing each event including printing, press releases, photography, press coverage, catering, donated food and beverage, décor, sound and lighting, volunteers and all the key ingredients necessary to make each event a success to the organization hosting it.

Tin Pan Alley Productions launched under the fiscal sponsorship of The Rainbolt Hampton Arts Foundation in September 2004 producing several fundraising shows at Michael’s Octavia Lounge with celebrated local performers Tim Hockenberry and Spencer Day.  Next we produced a large cast show at The Empire Plush Room to benefit Shanti that starred Spider Saloff, Spencer Day, Shawn Ryan, nook slide, Tim Hockenberry and Kim Nalley which quickly sold out.  In January and February 2005 we did a weekly series of shows at The Pan Pacific Hotel for non profits like The Town School, Community United Against Violence and The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgendered Community Center with artists such as Connie Champagne and Denise Perrier.  We also co produced local television star Jan Wahl’s annual evening at the Oscars fundraiser to benefit Students Rising Above.

Tin Pan Alley Productions has been incorporated by Heller, Erhman, White & McAuliffe, has a banking relationship with Bank of America and a CPA with experience in this specific performing arts field. 


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